Bidding starts on Nick Robinson’s “Crab” and “Toad”

Bidding has started on these two models:

These are excellent examples of Nick’s understated style; deceptively simple-looking, they are carefully designed and crafted pieces that artfully capture the essence of the creatures with relatively few folds.

Good luck!

Makoto Yamaguchi’s “Ren-Jishi” and “Makoto Rose” auction open

Makoto Yamaguchi’s multi-piece donation to the auction: his “Ren-Jishi” Kabuki Lion Dancers, and one of his new “Makoto Roses” is now live on eBay:

Good luck!

“May the Force Be With You” (framed CP art) auction now live

Charles Esseltine’s unique, framed crease-pattern art, titled “May the Force Be With You” is now up for auction at eBay:

Good luck!

Jun Maekawa’s “Tiny Devil in a Snub Cube”

Jun Maekawa’s famous “Demon,” residing in a small, transparent polyhedron, is now live for bidding at eBay:

Best of luck to everyone!

“Great Horned Owl” by Peter Engel

Peter Engel’s “Great Horned Owl” is now live on eBay:

Good luck!

Auction starts for Bernie Peyton’s “Polar Bear”

Bidding can now begin on this lively, wetfolded Polar Bear from former wildlife biologist, now paper artist, Bernie Peyton:

Good luck!

Framed piece: “Discus” by Goran Konjevod now live!

Goran Konjevod’s frame piece, titled “Discus” is now live for bidding at eBay:

The piece, framed in a 10in x 10in x 2in glass-less frame, was folded in 2009 from a 13-inch square of “elephant hide” paper.

Good luck, bidders!

Yet Another Way to support Origami Caravan

If buying Origami Art isn’t your thing, then you could of course always donate to the project directly via PayPal – there’s a link in the sidebar at right.

Or, if t-shirts and other cool stuff are more your style, we’ve created a storefront over at Zazzle with a variety of products featuring the Origami Caravan logo artwork (visible in the site banner at the top of all our pages.)

Here’s the direct link:


Second auction – “Rose” by Toshikazu Kawasaki

Prof. Kawasaki’s famous “Rose” is now live on eBay:

The piece is a life-sized Rose, folded by the master of roses himself.  Both Rose and Leaves are folded from “Tant” paper, a medium-weight paper with a very slight texture.

Good luck, bidders!

First auction – “Cartoon Frog” is now live!

Our first auction item, the “Cartoon Frog” by Nicolas Terry, is now live at eBay:

(At least, it should be, if all the automated systems do their job; contact us right away if you notice anything not as it should be!)