2012 Auction – call for Origami Artist Participants

Heart with Crane by Francis Ow (folded by Anne LaVin)

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the terrible day of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Much has been done, but there’s still much to do to help the area recover – and the children of Sendai still need support.  So today seems a fitting day to announce that we will hold our second Origami Auction to benefit Japanese children starting on May 5, 2012.

If you’re an origami creator and would like to participate by donating a piece for this second auction, please read about the details for this year’s auction.  We look forward to hearing from you!

And if you’re interested in owning a piece of original origami art, well, watch this space for announcements of the artists, pieces and schedule.  (Consider subscribing to the site’s RSS feed, or “friending” us on Facebook so you receive all our updates!)

2011 Auction “wrap-up” – 2012 update coming soon!

Apologies, fans and friends far and wide, for the delay in getting out a wrap-up post – life does seem to get in the way of Origami sometimes.

After tallying and accounting for fees, etc. we did indeed manage to raise just over US$3K in our fall auction.  A truly  heartfelt thank you to all the generous artists and eager bidders who made the auction such a success!  One hundred percent of the proceeds will be going to benefit an orphanage in the Sendai area.

And to continue our support, this spring we will hold our second auction, scheduled for early May.  More details to follow shortly!

Nearing the end…

…of this most amazing and interesting few weeks.  So far, with our last auction in its final hours, we’ve raised over $3K!  We’ll have the final totals tonight – stay tuned!

Our final auction: Robert J. Lang’s “Quezadan Pot, opus 603”

Robert’s splendid vase form is now live on eBay:


Good luck!

LaFosse and Alexander “Makoto-Cho” (a butterfly for Makoto Yamaguchi)

This beautiful piece, created in honor of Makoto Yamaguchi, is now live for bidding at eBay:


Good luck!

Brian Chan’s “Red Mantis” now live

Brian’s lifelike “Red Mantis” is now live for bidding on eBay:


Good luck!

Joseph Wu’s “Owlbear”

Joseph’s menacing “Owlbear” is now live on eBay:


Good luck!

Tomoko Fuse’s “Box to the 4th Power”

With a huge number of books to her name, and seemingly endless geometric designs up her sleeve, Fuse is perhaps most famous in the Origami world for her creative boxes. This auction is for a perfectly nested set of four little boxes in bright seasonal colors.


Good luck!

Jason Ku’s “Nazgul” now live for bidding

Jason’s wonderfully detailed Black Rider is now up for bidding at eBay:


Good luck!

Satoshi Kamiya’s “Dragonfly” has started…

Satoshi’s incredibly life-like (and approximately life-sized) Dragonfly is live for bidding:


Good Luck!