For the 2011 Autumn Auction, Makoto YAMAGUCHI  has donated a piece titled “Ren-Jishi with Makoto Rose.”  Auction date: 2 November 2011

Origami author.
Born in Tokyo in 1944. As a member of the Nippon Origami Association secretariat, involved in origami authoring activities. In 1989, established a gallery specifically for Origami called “Origami House.” The gallery has become a headquarters for the training of young Origami creators in an environment of energetic exchange with the world’s origami organizations and authors. He is the head of the Japanese Origami Academic Society secretariat, a member of the Nippon Origami Association, a life member of OrigamiUSA, and a member of the British Origami Society. He is the editor-in-chief of the “Origami Tanteidan” magazine, and the author of more than 70 Origami books.

山口 真 (やまぐち・まこと)
1944年東京生まれ。日本折紙協会事務局員を経て折り紙作家として活躍。1989年、折り紙専門のギャラリー「おりがみはうす」を開設。ここを 本拠に若手作家の育成、海外の折り紙団体や作家との精力的な交流を行っている。日本折紙学会事務局長。日本折紙協会理事。OrigamiUSA永 久会員。British Origami Society会員。雑誌『折紙探偵団』編集長。著書は70冊を超える。

(Translation by Anne LaVin, who takes full credit for any errors thus introduced!)