LEE In Kyung “whitepaper”

For the 2012 Spring Auction, LEE In Kyung, nicknamed “whitepaper”, has donated her piece “Rabbit Bride and Groom” jointly folded with SEO Won Seon.  Auction date: 9 May 2012.

Artist website: http://www.paperwindow.co.kr/

Born: 1963
Broadcast “ZZONG-E’s Adventure” (childrens’ origami program)
Korea origami copyright association director.
Manager of “paperwindow” (origami  internet store)

I want to express my folding in simple forms so that everyone can fold my creations. I would love to incorporate folding into current education standards because origami and education go well together.

Creative Origami by red & whitepaper (joint authorship)

Masterpiece: charming cat, lucky bag, the Korean alphabet, English alphabet