For the 2011 Autumn Auction, Charles Esseltine has donated framed crease-pattern artwork titled “May the Force be with you.”  Auction date: 1 November 2011

…It all started a long time ago in a small town called Detroit. Okay, so Detroit isn’t a small town. It just sounded better! When I was a young boy, my grandmother used to make flapping cranes for me. I was too young to learn how to make them, but loved playing with them. She had a stroke before she could pass the gift of origami to me. But she had planted the seed. I went through my school years picking up the “School Yard” folds (Fortune teller/salt cellar, bangers, PAPER AIRPLANES (LOTS of them!), but it wasn’t until high school when I found one of the Harbin books with a crane on its cover, that I learned how to make the crane. But I also found out that there was more to origami than just the few models I knew.

Now over thirty years later I fold my own models. Or in the case of my prints, I unfold them. Each print uses a plate that I make from one of my own models. I unfold it, and recreate that pattern on the plate. Not just the base mind you, but every fold that makes up the finished model. Then I make a limited number of prints from each plate, and hand paint them. If I’m lucky, no two will ever be the same. (Unless I do it on purpose! I’m odd that way!)