Ren-Jishi (Kabuki Lion Dancers) & Makoto Rose

Donated to the 2011 Autumn Auction by Makoto YAMAGUCHI. Auction date: 2 November 2011

Title: Ren-Jishi (with Makoto Rose)
Model size:
Height: 12cm
Length: 28cm

Ren-Jishi is a traditional kabuki dance. It describes a lion’s harsh way of raising a cub, in which a parent pushes the cubs into the bottom of a ravine and only those which manage to climb back up are raised. The red hair is for the parent lion and the white hair is for the cub. The “lion” here is not the actual lion we know of, but is a shih tzu (again, not a name of the modern dog), but a legendary animal in ancient China. So the story in this dance is very spiritual.

The “Makoto Rose” is a recent design; although visually similar to a number of other roses, it was intentionally designed to have a different interior structure.