Brian CHAN

For the 2011 Autumn Auction, Brian CHAN has donated a Red Mantis. Auction date: 8 November 2011

Brian Chan began folding at the age of seven, when his parents gave him Montroll’s “Animal Origami for the Enthusiast” and “Origami for the Enthusiast”. It was not until 2004 when Robert Lang came to MIT to introduce theories about origami design that he started designing his own creations. Since then he has designed many technical pieces such as insects and anime characters, and won several origami awards, including “Best Original Model” and “Best MIT Themed Model” in the MIT Origami Competition, for his origami version of the MIT seal. In 2008 he won two JOAS awards for his “Water Buffalo” and “Rei Ayanami” color-change models. During the past few years he has been featured as a special guest in various origami conventions, including JOAS (Japan), AEP (Spain), and Korea. Chan works at the MIT Hobby Shop.