For the 2011 Autumn Auction, Nick ROBINSON has donated two pieces, “Crab and Toad.” Auction date: 3 November 2011

Nick has been folding paper since the early 80’s and has been a member of the British Origami Society for nearly 30 years. He has contributed articles and designs for the magazine in almost every issue since 1987 and has served on their council for over 20 years. He edited their bimonthly magazine for 5 years and has maintained their web site for over 15 years. In 2004 he was awarded the “Sidney French medal” – the highest award the society can offer, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to origami. In 2009 he was made an honorary member of the Society.

Since the mid 80s, Nick has worked as a professional origami teacher, traveling round schools, libraries, youth clubs, hospitals and art galleries, teaching origami and paper artwork. He runs sessions with people of all ages and physical abilities. He currently teaches several sessions a week in primary schools.

He has appeared on television in England and Germany, and has fulfilled numerous commissions for magazine, television and internet advertising campaigns. Over 200 of his original origami creations have been published in 13 countries around the world, including a Japanese newspaper. He has submitted work to many prestigious exhibitions around the world. In 1994 he won three of the five categories for the International Alice in Wonderland Origami competition. His origami website is

He has written and illustrated over 37 origami books, with total world-wide sales of over a million. Nick is in his mid 50’s and lives in Sheffield, England with wife Alison, grown-up children Daisy and Nick plus cats Rhubarb, JD & Matilda. As a former professional musician he still performs solo improvised ambient guitar concerts.

(Photo credit: Dan Sumpton, used with permission.)