“Ganesh on His Throne”

Donated to the 2012 Spring Auction by Peter ENGEL.  Auction date: 7 May 2012.

Title of Piece: Ganesh on His Throne

Size:: Approx. 8″ x 8″ x 3″

Material (type of paper, etc.): Handmade orange paper with gold-colored striations, mounted in hardwood-and-glass display box.

Description of Piece: Ever since I lived in India, I have wanted to make an origami model of Ganesh, the popular Hindu deity who is part elephant, part human baby.  Figures of Ganesh have been carved from stone and wood, cast in bronze, painted on temple walls, and made into posters.  He is depicted in myriad forms: often colored orange, seated or standing, with facial and body expressions ranging from jolly to stern, and most frequently with four arms, as shown here, although I have seen images with two and even six arms.  An elaborate tale attends his broken tusk.  This actual model was used in the poster, shown here, for my recent presentation and display the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.  I am pleased to make this contribution on behalf of Origami Caravan.