2012 – Call for Artist Participants

Thanks to the generous support from Origami artists and the Origami community, last fall Origami Caravan raised over US$3,000 in our first online auction of Origami art. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefited a Japanese orphanage in the Sendai area.

To show our continued support, our second auction will begin on May 5, 2012.  This is “Children’s Day” in Japan, when Japanese children are honored and family celebrations take place. Knowing that the proceeds of the auction will benefit the children of a Japanese orphanage, we felt it was fitting that we set that particular date as the start of our second online auction.

We are now calling for submissions from Origami artists interested in donating a piece to this second auction.  To participate, you must:

  •  donate a piece of your own design (original work, by the artist, only)
  •  submit a photo and text description of the piece (by March 31st)
  •  submit a short bio/artist’s statement (by March 31st)
  •  ship your piece (to California, USA) to arrive by April 13th (donation of the shipping cost gladly accepted, but of course we can reimburse you if you wish)

Note:  if you participated in the first auction, and wish to do so again, please let us know; however, priority will be given to artists whose work was not featured in the first event to allow more creators to participate.  Also, depending on the response, we may not be able to use everyone’s pieces, and we must reserve the right to select the number of pieces to fit the auction schedule.

Please contact us if you’d like to participate, or with any questions or comments.  We look forward to hearing from you!

One response to “2012 – Call for Artist Participants

  1. Hi, My small business designs art for diagrams and prints papers for origami kits and greeting cards. Wondering if Fun-Foldables would fit into your format. I’d like to support your cause. Thanks, Lindy

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