Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nearing the end…

…of this most amazing and interesting few weeks.  So far, with our last auction in its final hours, we’ve raised over $3K!  We’ll have the final totals tonight – stay tuned!

Our final auction: Robert J. Lang’s “Quezadan Pot, opus 603”

Robert’s splendid vase form is now live on eBay:

Good luck!

LaFosse and Alexander “Makoto-Cho” (a butterfly for Makoto Yamaguchi)

This beautiful piece, created in honor of Makoto Yamaguchi, is now live for bidding at eBay:

Good luck!

Brian Chan’s “Red Mantis” now live

Brian’s lifelike “Red Mantis” is now live for bidding on eBay:

Good luck!

Joseph Wu’s “Owlbear”

Joseph’s menacing “Owlbear” is now live on eBay:

Good luck!

Tomoko Fuse’s “Box to the 4th Power”

With a huge number of books to her name, and seemingly endless geometric designs up her sleeve, Fuse is perhaps most famous in the Origami world for her creative boxes. This auction is for a perfectly nested set of four little boxes in bright seasonal colors.

Good luck!

Jason Ku’s “Nazgul” now live for bidding

Jason’s wonderfully detailed Black Rider is now up for bidding at eBay:

Good luck!

Satoshi Kamiya’s “Dragonfly” has started…

Satoshi’s incredibly life-like (and approximately life-sized) Dragonfly is live for bidding:

Good Luck!

Bidding starts on Nick Robinson’s “Crab” and “Toad”

Bidding has started on these two models:

These are excellent examples of Nick’s understated style; deceptively simple-looking, they are carefully designed and crafted pieces that artfully capture the essence of the creatures with relatively few folds.

Good luck!

Makoto Yamaguchi’s “Ren-Jishi” and “Makoto Rose” auction open

Makoto Yamaguchi’s multi-piece donation to the auction: his “Ren-Jishi” Kabuki Lion Dancers, and one of his new “Makoto Roses” is now live on eBay:

Good luck!