Jason KU

For the 2012 Spring Auction, Jason KU has donated his Crab 1.7.  Auction date: 20 may 2012.

For the 2011 Autumn Auction, Jason KU donated a piece titled “Nazgul 8.1“. Auction date: 5 November 2011

Jason Ku has been folding since the age of five and began designing origami in high school. In 2005, Ku was invited as a Yoshino Fund special guest to teach and exhibit at the Origami Tanteidan convention in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, he has studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT while acting as the president of MIT’s origami club, OrigaMIT. Currently, Ku volunteers as the managing editor for OrigamiUSA’s online magazine, The Fold and is a member of the OrigamiUSA board of directors.