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Auction starts for Bernie Peyton’s “Polar Bear”

Bidding can now begin on this lively, wetfolded Polar Bear from former wildlife biologist, now paper artist, Bernie Peyton:

Good luck!

Framed piece: “Discus” by Goran Konjevod now live!

Goran Konjevod’s frame piece, titled “Discus” is now live for bidding at eBay:

The piece, framed in a 10in x 10in x 2in glass-less frame, was folded in 2009 from a 13-inch square of “elephant hide” paper.

Good luck, bidders!

Second auction – “Rose” by Toshikazu Kawasaki

Prof. Kawasaki’s famous “Rose” is now live on eBay:

The piece is a life-sized Rose, folded by the master of roses himself.  Both Rose and Leaves are folded from “Tant” paper, a medium-weight paper with a very slight texture.

Good luck, bidders!

First auction – “Cartoon Frog” is now live!

Our first auction item, the “Cartoon Frog” by Nicolas Terry, is now live at eBay:

(At least, it should be, if all the automated systems do their job; contact us right away if you notice anything not as it should be!)

Announcing the first auction – Cartoon Frog by Nicolas Terry

Author : Nicolas TERRY
Paper : Sandwich paper (Green tissue-foil glued on green foil paper)
Size : 15×15 cm

Our first auction item is this cheerful Cartoon Frog by Nicolas Terry. We’ll open the auction at 8 PM EDT (US) on October 25, 2011.

(Note that we’ll be using eBay as our auction tool; if you’re interested in participating but don’t have an eBay account, you can kill time from now until then by setting up an account!)