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“Hermit Crab” by TRAN Trun Hieu

TRAN Trung Hieu, Hermit Crab.

This delightful origami sculpture is folded from one sheet of paper, no
cuts, from a duo wrapping paper.  Created for and donated by the artist for
the Origami Caravan auction.

This item is live on eBay:

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“Pre-Colombian Styled Frog Brooch” by Leyla TORRES

Leyla TORRES, Pre-Colombian Styled Frog Brooch.

A wearable piece of origami art, this is a gold-gilt frog brooch created by
artist Leyla TORRES.

This item is live for bidding on eBay:

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“Outcropping II” by Benjamin John COLEMAN bidding opens

Benjamin John COLEMAN, Outcropping II (Origami Bonsai).

Paper sculpture wall hanging. Origami flowers folded with handpainted paper, the tree trunk, branches, blades of grass made from recycled  newspaper using a technique that the artist developed.  Dust resistant coating adds to longevity of this wall mounted piece.

This piece is now live for bid on eBay:

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“Rabbit Bride and Groom” now live!

SEO Won Seon and LEE in Kyung, “Rabbit Bride and Groom”

This intricate origami set was created by Korean folders nicknamed “Red Paper” and “White Paper” when they were guest presenters at the 2011 Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference in Bellevue Washington.

This is now live to bid for on Ebay:

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Bidding starts on “Tortoise” by NGUYEN Hung Cuong

NGUYEN Hung Cuong, “Tortoise”

This charming origami Tortoise in a lifelike pose was created using
specially prepared paper.

This is now live to bid for on Ebay

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Peter ENGEL’s “Ganesh on His Throne”

Peter ENGEL, “Ganesh on his Throne”

This special piece depicting a popular Hindu deity is made with handmade
orange paper with gold-colored striations, mounted in hardwood-and-glass
display box.

This is now live to bid for on Ebay:

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“Swan” by HOANG Tien Quyet now live for bidding!

HOANG Tien Quyet, “Swan”

This graceful origami swan was created with a wet-fold technique using a
specially prepared paper.

This is now live to bid for on Ebay:

Good luck!

First Auction is Live: Giang Dinh’s “Prayer”

Giang Dinh, “Prayer” (A Prayer for Japan)

This elegant origami piece was created by origami artist Giang Dinh for the
Origami Caravan auction.  He said he folded this while contemplating the children orphaned in Japan’s 2011 earthquake / tsunami disaster.

This is now live to bid for on Ebay:

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2012 Spring Auction – Details!

We’re pleased to announce the final details of the 2012 Spring Auction (which starts with our first auction this coming Saturday, 5 May, at 7PM EDT, US.) Once again, we’ll be using eBay as our auction venue, and require payment via PayPal – so if you’re interested in bidding, you’ll need to set up an eBay account, and either get a PayPal account, or use a credit card through their site.  OrigamiUSA has kindly offered to be our official charity “sponsor” for our eBay auctions, and act as conduit for the financial transactions.

Pieces, artists and auction schedules will be as follows (each auction will last three days):

Thanks to all the artists (and one book donor) for their generous donations – and we hope all our readers and fans will find something to tempt them to bid!